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Made a short little video on the game, glad I checked it out (:

Not that great imo


love it so much thank you :):):):):):):):):):)

Cool stuff. I love the use of color. My only thought for improvement is stuff like allowing quitting and adjusting visual and sound for accessibility. In terms of what's actually here, maybe I might make the "leaving" ending a little more aggressive. Don't let me turn around and walk back in...but that's all I can think to say. Great job!


Played it the first time without even discovering the nightmare world, and really enjoyed it.  Played it again and omg whoah


I was only able to find one ending. I tried interacting with everything I could find! I hope there's a guide at some point


Thanks for playing my game! One ending happens if you go through the factory in the "nightmare" world. Through the factory, then blink and you can use the bed to go back to sleep. Leaving will activate the other ending.


I'm an idiot... I hadn't even found the factory! I saw it but I hadn't realized there was a way in. This makes much more sense now, thanks! I found it and got both the endings. I really enjoyed it - hopefully I have some good nightmares tonight!