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Hands down one of the few games that nailed anything nearly as good as the silent hill aesthetic for environments/ambiance. Second it was a wonderful walk through someone else's feelings.

Numbingly brilliant. It's crazy how the mind can twist and shape the feelings shared by one to fit its own experiences. Hit it out of the park with this one (my heart, that is).


So sad. I can relate somehow. Thank you.


I would like to ask how PS1 style game is made, I also want to develop a game of my own

A very raw experience.

2(sorry, here)



Lovely art piece, like ever! Since Bleakstead. Yes, the pillar of our sorrows, bad feeling and bad life experiences keep stand there - strong resisting through the present time and the times coming. That pillars always emerge in our restless dreams. The Valerie Dusk art pieces needs a own list and with me it will has! Valerie Dusk I wish much more sucessful than now. You need inserted in art immersive(art multimedia) history You deserve. Keep going making great art! I did appreciate and I want will appreciate you art conceptions. Here it goes - The first wandering around the Rust Pillars .

Greetings from Brazil.

Amazing environmental direction and art aside, deeply personal experiences like these always have a special place in my heart. These topics are seldom covered in the medium of video games, at least in this manner and care. Thank you for crafting such an experience.

I really loved the game, its graphics and atmosphere were great, and made me feel everything it wanted to transmit I could relate to what it was telling me.


A honestly depressing and relatable game, and I do mean that in the best possible way. I really liked the different feelings of depressed reassignment and frustrated resentment, and it all felt natural and genuine. Wonderful work of art. 



For some reason, i feel attracted to games like this. I know it wasn't the right time for me to play it, because it hit me hard. It was depressing all over and as weird as it sounds i loved it because of that. Also i love the style and the atmosphere. Thank you for the experience.


This means a lot to me. Thank you for playing. <3

I got stuck on the staircase in the house and that was that

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If you feel like trying to replay, check download the latest version of the game. I fixed the collision issue there

I also got stuck in the staircase in the house on 1.3. Was the top of the first stairs going up to the glyph in the middle of the staircase that goes up to the second floor. This was a nice thoughtful game, though! Some feelings in there I could relate to.


The stairs have been a real bugbear for me. If you hit Q you can set the camera into first person. If you have to restart, from the start screen hit F6 and it'll send you back to that scene.


This game made me cry. Thanks for making it <3

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good story

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This was a very weird experience,the only moment you feel "safe" was when the music played and right after it stops that feeling of beign safe fade away, good job

ps at the end I could enter a blue wall, don't think it was intended


This is very powerful, both by the atmosphere and by how the whole architecture helps you to *feel* what the game is about. I'll probably play it again several times, because I think there are still things that will give even more sense to the message now that I played the game entirely.

Can't wait to see the other games you'll make in the future! Thank you for sharing this one ♥

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The game is intended to be played in third person, the first person mode is mostly for looking around the scene. This is working how I intended it. Thank you for the feedback! :)


If what you say is true then I'll correct a few things, it needs smoother movement when looking in Free Look (In First Person) since when I had tried to look around in first person, all I had felt was resistance/jank and a lack of smoothness, it didn't feel enjoyable which was why I wanted to prioritize playing in First Person Only (Which as you say, isn't intended), the movement felt like it was jerking around when moving the mouse/camera around in first person mode. This feedback is of course for better immersion so no one 'tries' to do what I did and have it break immersion. If first person is not what you want, I'd suggest perhaps to just make movement while in first person to not be possible, thus forcing a person to know that 'Movement and progress in game must be in 3rd person'.

Lastly and this isn't towards the developer, apparently giving feedback and not kissing ass is condemned on this store page by the amount of downvotes that I saw my first post had for providing my feedback and criticisms. To those who downvote feedback such as mine, the lot of you can come over and kiss my ass, you daft twits. Feedback, constructive criticisms, complaints, etc, are brought up to both get insight in responses from the content creator as well as offer insight from players such as myself and others in hopes that a game can be potentially improved and things are learned. It is never a bad thing. You fucking morons. Jfc.


It's one thing to critique a developer, it's another to insult their work and then get upset when people point out that you're being rude

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It's incredibly impressive how much emotion oozes from each of these environments. The abstract geometry and moody color palettes accompanied by short bits of narration, deliver an all too relatable experience for anyone who's gone through something like this.


A most touching tank controlled narrative experience. Really liked to feel a connection to someone who has felt this way too. Pain is real, and all to real in this beautiful game.

On a technical side-note, the game works like a charm, very solid movement and camera controls, and the narrative style text was very adequate to the pacing of the game.