A downloadable Nightmare Vignette for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Controls are WASD+Mouse to look, E to interact.

CW: Gore

Playtime: ~5-10 minutes.

This is the second of my Nightmare Vignette series. These are short games made for my patrons on my Patreon


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VeinsWIN.zip 339 MB
VeinsOSX.zip 347 MB
VeinsLIN.zip 353 MB


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I made a 3 scary games video for shorter games that I've played, and I saved your guy's game as the best for last. Very nice aesthetic 

Interesante experiencia me pareció bastante curiosa


hola yo soy polpetta.:)

hahaha aww hola polpetta uwu


There aren't that many games that come so close to the feeling of actually living a nightmare. When I'm having a stressful day at work I play something like this to reset myself and clarify my brain and it makes me feel better. 5/5

Comments below clip;

Interesting angle to operate from within the body of someone. The heart beats, but the mind wanders.

A healthy combination?

Check out for yourselves!

Kudos to all involved.

Fun and short game.

A very interesting style of game, the visuals are neat, good work :)

Just played Veins and this one. Loving the surreal (connected?) narrative.

One bug (well, also): The Mac binaries aren’t set executable. Did a chmod 777 VeinsOSX/VeinsOSX.app/Contents/MacOS/Veins and then I was able to open the app. Same in Writhe.

I might like to be able to click thru the text?

Perfectly atmospheric environment, very interested in seeing where this goes.

The game, although episodic, seems to be quite interesting. I think it's cool to use the narrative in puzzle, leaving it to the player's interpretations. Also, the PSX factor counts for a lot, as I like games with that fifth-generation console look. Congrats and keep it up.